Saturday, January 25, 2014

Our Journey to Parenthood: What Color are the Lines?

Today was day #2 for the ovulation sticks…so am I or aren't I ready to ovulate? I would think that reading two lines would be a simple task; it was not. Hubby and I were looking at the stick in the natural light trying to decipher a very complex color question; are the lines the same color? I said "no" but he said "yes." 

After we couldn't agree, he asked "isn't there anything type of test you can take that would give a 100% clear result?" Why yes I thought…the one with the smiley face! Idiot proof. Perfect. I jumped into the car and headed up to Walgreens to make my purchase. Thank goodness I did; we are in the positive!
I called the doctor and we are going in tomorrow for our first attempt at IUI. Hubby just woke up from a long nap in preperation for his "big day" tomorrow…

Thanks for reading,


  1. Bon chance my friend. May you hit a walk off homerun in one. Our hearts are with you.

  2. I'm excited to see a happy face!!! Tell Jay I said "get er done!!"

  3. Get it girl! Best of luck to you two!


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