Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our Journey to Parenthood: Round 1 Done

First, I wanted to say thank you to all who have read and also commented on this series of blog postings. It is truly appreciated. I started this series with the intention of spreading the message that though you may feel broken, you aren't. You may feel like less of a woman, but you aren't. You may want to punch the famous-for-doing-nothing jerk-off's on TV that make it look soooooo easy, but you can't. Last year was an awful time for my emotions but I feel that I finally have them in check. I still have a few ups and downs but I know I am a good person and will deal with whatever card I am dealt along this journey.

After a lot of thought of how much I should share of this experience on the world wide web, I decided to tell all and not leave anything out (except when I need to clean up some overly graphic details). If even one posting can help someone else out there, then it was all worth it. Hopefully, I can even make a few people laugh along the way!

A close friend referred me to a great Facebook page called "Fertility is the New F-Word" and I took this off the page:

I did my first IUI on Sunday; progesterone started last night. I will need to do some blood work on Sunday to check my progesterone levels and then a prego test 1 week later. Let's hope this worked...

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  1. I need to go back and read through all of these posts since clearly something very exciting is happening! Congrats girl!


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