Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Bavarian Haus

I starved myself all day and ended up in a food coma, but it was worth it. Heavy, thick but extremely must be German food.
The Bavarian Haus German Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Located in quaint downtown Mount Dora, The Bavarian Haus serves up authentic German dishes such as pork and veal schnitzel, spatzel and the best stuffed pretzel baguettes I have ever had. 
It is small and cozy inside (I could not get a good shot to capture it)...reminiscent of a true German eatery.
I had the schnitzel weiner art; breaded pork pounded super thin with spatial, gravy and potato dumplings.
Hubby with a Hofbrau Dunkel and sis-in-law with a Schmidt & Sohne Auslese.
My nephew in a food coma.
Hubby and his brother with a pair of Hofbrau Dunkels.
Mom-in-law with her daughters.

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