Monday, October 31, 2011

Creep-tastic Jewels

Happy Halloween peeps! The kids are out in force as I type...

Sequined Top: Macy's
Cardi: Ann Taylor Loft
Pants: JCPenney
Platform Pumps: DSW

Spider bracelet: Charming Charlies

Floral pin: little shop in Greensboro, NC
Spider pin: Lane Bryant

Hopefully my make-up is not creep-tastic...haha!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Do I look stoned?

Top: Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans: Macy's
Leopard flats: Dillard's

I have a scarf this one from the Bealls Outlet for $2!

Earrings: Ann Taylor Loft

Bangles: some little jewelry place in High Point, NC

Do I look stoned because of the purple liner? Hubby thought so!

Rock star hair...

...5 pairs and I am now set...I think?

Hubby decided to take me out last night to dinner and some shopping (what a good guy!) and I came home with 5 new pairs...yipee!!! I think I am set for fall/winter...maybe...

"Stylish yet functional" as hubby calls them; these are going to double as my motorcycle riding boots.

I used to be into loafers during my preppy high school days...and it seems I have reverted back to the early 90's!

Another paid of loafers...super comfy too. Sometimes I need to be a bit more practical in my shoe selection.

I cannot wear red up by my face (since I have pink undertones) so since I love the color, I have to wear red as accents...I really am excited about these!

Ok, these are a totally new style direction for me. They were on clearance, super comfy, stylish and completely out of the ordinary for me. I took a chance and so glad I did.
Am I done shopping for shoes this season? Probably not...
Do I have an addiction? Well, I don' think I have a problem...:)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Accented in Silver...

Cami: Ann Taylor Loft
White button down shirt: JCPenney
Jeans: Macy's
Silver peep toe flats: Dillard's
Bangle bracelets: Steinmart
Earrings: Accessories & More (Greensboro, NC)
Necklace: Steinmart

...a pretty "ok" hair day...learning to work w/ wax...
Random pic: I took this pic in the car on the way to work; I can only imagine what people were thinking when I was snapping a dozen pics of myself!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An Invaluable Tutorial...

If you love wearing a scarf, you must check out this tutorial:

Let's hope I don't choke myself out trying all of these...I have come close a time or two.

Pattern I the "Crazy Pattern Girl?"

I was out of town for a few days for work and among my travels, I popped back into a cute little boutique that I had visited last year. I was instantly attracted to this scarf because it was so quirky...and of course the love I have for dogs:

Cardi- Macy's
Dog Scarf- little boutique in Greensboro, NC
(Accessories & More- they are located in the Friendly Shopping Center)

Havin' a FAB hair day...this is what ZERO HUMIDITY will allow your hair to do!

I loved the weather in NC...for the sake of my skin and hair alone!

The Curvy Girl got some skinnies!!

I finally jumped on the "skinny jean" train and found these on super-duper clearance at Macy's 2 weeks ago...I think I did ok!

Cami and Cardi: Ann Taylor Loft
Skinny Jeans: Macy's
Leopard Flats: Dillard's
In trying to work with my new do', I picked up some heavy wax from Ulta and started to use will be a learning curve for sure!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One Sided Waves

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft
Sandals: Franco Sarto via Ross
Necklace: Dillard's
Earrings: Dillard's

Wrap Bracelet: Forever21
Chain Bracelet: Dillard's
I am still trying to work it out with my new hairstyle...rockin' waves on one side with this look!

Monday, October 17, 2011

"You look very mature today"...

...this is according to my Mom. I am still not sure how to take that. Does she mean "mature" as in 85 years old OR does she mean "mature" like better-than-the-shitty-gym-shorts-you-normally-wear?

Top: Ann Taylor
Pants: Ann Taylor
Cardi: Sears
Peep Toe Heels: Dillard's

Earrings: Dillard's
Necklace: wholesale jewelry show

As I am blogging this post, I am catching up on the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion...I am on the edge of my seat!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hair science...

My new hair cut has been a bit of trial-and-error to find the right mixture of products...I was pretty happy with today's experiment which was a combination of Suave Root Lift and Amika Hair Oil:

Multi-chain necklace: Dillard's
Button down top: Ann Taylor Loft
Cami: Ann Taylor Loft
Shorts: Gap
Flip Flops: DSW
My eye make-up sucked today so no pics!

My Newest Venture: Edible...but Enjoyable?

I started a new blog.

Edible...but Enjoyable?

Lately, I have been experimenting with all kinds of recipes...some are a hit and some are not. I started this comical cooking blog to share my recipe experiences and maybe get some new recipe ideas from my readers. I would really like to try some more international style meals so please feel free to comment or suggest something fabulous that YOU like to make!

Recognize the Curvy Girl? Piggy-backing on the Curvy Girl logo, my Dad whipped up this little number for me yesterday. I love her!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Feeling fly in some new jeans...yeah!

On the eternal quest for the "perfect" jean (does it really exist?), I picked these up at Macy's the other night. They are the Style & Co. brand and are a part of their premium denim line...but I got them for a steal! Thank goodness for 40% off the reduced price PLUS an extra 20% because I spend waaaay too much money at Macy's so I get all the fabulous coupons:

Top: Macy's
Jeans: Macy's
Platform heels: Dillard's
Belt: Macy's
Bracelets: World Market, Bauble Bar and Kohl's

Ring: H&M

Earrings: Steinmart
Rockin' my fresh new do' without waves today...
I am not so sure that turquoise shadow is the way to go w/ blue eyes. Magazines say  it's ok but I  am not sure...thoughts? Is it just this shade that does not work? HELP!?!?!?

...and today's blast-from-the-past song is...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh good...jean shopping...

Trying to dress a curvy body in denim can be is why:

Not only is the front creepin' up on me but the jeans were soooooo looooong that I was up on my tippy-toes!

Another "curvy fit" that are creepin' up in the front...come on.

Not only were these a size larger than what I normally wear, but I don't have to tell you what else went wrong.

This "slimming" pair pushed all of my fat upwards...yeah, slimming my ass.

These would have worked if I did not have a gaping in the back that showed my underwear. Perfect.

Well, shopping was a bust that day..

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