Sunday, October 30, 2011

...5 pairs and I am now set...I think?

Hubby decided to take me out last night to dinner and some shopping (what a good guy!) and I came home with 5 new pairs...yipee!!! I think I am set for fall/winter...maybe...

"Stylish yet functional" as hubby calls them; these are going to double as my motorcycle riding boots.

I used to be into loafers during my preppy high school days...and it seems I have reverted back to the early 90's!

Another paid of loafers...super comfy too. Sometimes I need to be a bit more practical in my shoe selection.

I cannot wear red up by my face (since I have pink undertones) so since I love the color, I have to wear red as accents...I really am excited about these!

Ok, these are a totally new style direction for me. They were on clearance, super comfy, stylish and completely out of the ordinary for me. I took a chance and so glad I did.
Am I done shopping for shoes this season? Probably not...
Do I have an addiction? Well, I don' think I have a problem...:)


  1. Good job on the them alot...I bet they turn into your favorite!

  2. I agree with Carrie, great pick on the Aerosoles; you won't regret it and I also love the red shoes. The BEST part is you don't have to ever worry about Cocoa getting hold of any of them. haha

  3. Does not sound like a problem to me. I do love the shoe chooses


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