Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Fashion Resolution: Take a Risk and Spiff It Up!!!!

I have been knee-deep in some really spectacular blogs written by some very talented two fave's so far are: Kendi Everyday and Required 2 Be Inspired. In an attempt to "spiff up" my wardrobe for 2011, I have been trying some new style techniques: belting tops/blouses and layering (though it is HOT here in FL so I am not too sure how many layered outfits I will actually be wearing!). Here is my first attempt at something...anything...stylish:

Top- Macy's  (clearance!)
Jeans- Dockers at Kohl's
Shoes- Naturalizer Outlet
Belt- who knows?
Bag-  TJ Maxx

Bag by B. Smith Handbags $20 at TJ Maxx

I even tried to bring back the "fold and tuck" method of rollin' up my jeans that I sported back in the 80's...hahaha!! Ultimately, I un-cuffed and just folded up a few times instead.

I think I did ok...?

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the mention!!
    I'm loving this outfit...I have a VERY soft spot for animal prints!
    In the warm weather I often cuff my jeans as well..I love how it can instantly transform an outfit!!
    So Jealous of your weather!!


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